Appreciated worldwide for their stunning color palette, Argyle pink diamonds, limited and unique, are in high demand.

Argyle pink diamonds are iconic, as is the mine from which they are mined. The Argyle diamond mine, owned by the Rio Tinto Corporation in Western Australia, has been supplying the world with rare pink diamonds for three decades. Still, pink diamond production accounts for less than 1% of total mine production. After nearly depleting economic production, Argyle ceased operations in November 2020. It is this limited offer that certainly emphasizes the unique prestige of the Argyle pink diamonds. It is estimated, precisely because of the closure of the mine, that the prices of Argyle pink diamonds will only increase and the person who has them and who wears them with pride is already considered to be prestigious.

When it comes to color, the three main parameters that should be considered when choosing an Argyle Pink Diamond are:

1) Shade - Shade is the primary color of a diamond, e.g. pink.

2) Overtone - Overtone refers to a secondary color that may be present. For example. Purplish Pink Diamond means that the prominent color is pink and the secondary color is purple. On GIA certificates, the secondary color is represented by adding "ish" to the secondary color, i.e. Purple.

3) Saturation - Color saturation refers to the intensity of the color represented in a diamond. The intensity level is a very important parameter for choosing Argyle Pink Diamonds because, the higher the color intensity, the rarer the stone ... and the rarer the stone, the more valuable the diamond will be.

In addition to the three parameters in terms of color, the quality of the cut, the purity of the diamond and of course its weight known as carat (Ct) are used to assess the value according to the evaluation criteria adopted by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).


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